Friday, April 8, 2011

The Ever Suckful Waukesha County

The FBI needs to investigate the Waukesha County ballot discrepancy, and the "explanation" as professed by Ms. Kathy Nickolaus, the County Clerk.  Human Error?  I think Republican Clusterf*ck.

The County Clerk has screwed up several elections in Waukesha County.  There's something stinking badly out there is Boringville.   More so than usual.  Let's get to the bottom of this.

Lets get to the bottom of Ms. Nickolaus, who has been in trouble and under investigation before.  I think when we get to the bottom of Ms. Nickolaus, we're going to find something even more stinkful than what is happening with the supreme court justice race.

Just a thought, but we'd better get on the phone to the Feds and let them know something is quite rotten in Waukesha.

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