Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Catholic Church Continues to Fail

In an article in The Milwaukee Journal today, "auditors hired by the U.S. bishops to check child safety in America's Roman Catholic dioceses each year warned in a new report Monday of a drift away from parts of the church's 9-year-old abuse prevention plan.

Of the 188 participating dioceses, 55 needed to make improvements or risk being out of compliance with national policy, more than double the 2009 number, auditors said.

The church cannot afford to relax its standards, the authors of the study warned.

Among the most common problems identified:

* Allowing clergy who had been barred from ministry to lead public prayers.
* Failing to meet with all religious orders whose priests work in a diocese.
* Not checking whether safeguards were in place at the parish level, despite a directive since 2006 to do so."

Okay.  So, the catholic church, despite paying billions of dollars to victims of clergy abuse, continues to allow situations where abuse can occur and go unreported.  Our Father of Perpetual Molestation. 

"The abuse crisis continues to batter the church". 

What about the church's continual battering of victims?

I wonder about people who still believe in the institution of Roman Catholicism.  Do you really think you can only achieve a glorious afterlife by supporting an archaic and basically evil system?  Better think again.  Better stay on your knees and pray for enlightenment.  Better care more about your children because the Roman Catholic Church has little regard for them.  Better think about what your tithing actually supports.

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