Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kloppenburg Asks for State-wide Recount

Actually, asking for a state-wide recount on the supreme court election results is the only thing Ms. Kloppenburg could do to insure there was no fraud.  I would prefer to see Ms. Kloppenburg sitting on the supreme court, but I am more interested in watching the scandal that is sure to unfold here in Wisconsin related to this election.

Its a sad state of affairs when a political party, the republicans, are always suspected of fraud and wrong-doing, but such is the case these days.  If the republicans can't push forward their own agenda legitimately, they will resort to illegal behaviors to do so.  These people are bordering on deranged and fanatical.  Is the republican party the United States' version of al queda?  Starting to look that way.

At any rate, the state republicans here in Wisconsin are screaming about cost to taxpayers for the recount.  Personally, I would gladly pay to insure that election results are certified and accurate; something I don't believe is the case right now.  The republicans are hiding something, as they always do.......and hopefully, the recount will uncover it.  Sneaky bastards, aren't they?  Should the F.B.I. be looking for republican training camps that teach these radicals how to cause political chaos and denigrate our constitutional rights?  Probably.

At any rate, let the recount begin.  I think a lot of dead republicans voted in this election all across the state, and a lot of dead democrats, as well.  Trouble is, all of these dead people voted for Prosser.  Now THAT makes sense.  Prosser is brain-dead, and he would attract this type of voter, i.e., someone the dead can relate to.

I am appalled that The Milwaukee Journal has come out with an editorial saying the recount process is not necessary.  Just a few days ago, they published a report that Journal Communications is losing money.   I think the connection can be made that unbiased reporting is what the people want and will support, not a lot of partisan slant.  I'll continue to get my news from unbiased sources, i.e., The Shepard Express

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