Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Congratulations to Chris Abele

I don't know if I'm happier about Chris Abele being the new County Executive or Jeff Stone NOT being the County Executive, but my congrats go out to a younger, fresher, smarter and less annoying candidate and his win in this race.  I believe Milwaukee County can get on with the job of being a governing body now, instead of a political war zone, as it had been turned into by Scott Walker and Tom Ament. 

I'm biting my nails over the state supreme court race.  I'm standing in Kloppenburg's corner.  When a candidate for the Supreme Court sends out a flyer promoting Right to Life, I am terrified.  This is what Prosser did.  I guess he forgot Roe vs. Wade, as decided by the United States Supreme Court.  Prosser needs to get the boot.   People like Prosser in positions of authority merely take this country down to a primitive and fascist level.

And it would seem that Oil Can Scotty just can't afford any more bad press, since he demoted the unqualified person he had just put in an $81,000 job.  As you may recall, the loser got the job because his daddy contributed money to Walker's gubernatorial campaign.  Well, that is simply amazing.  Since when did Oil Can Scotty fear bad press; the man seems to thrive on it.  At least, he seems to go out of his way to attract bad press.  I guess he needs to constantly be reinforced that he's making a name for himself.  Should we tell him what that name actually is?

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