Monday, April 4, 2011

Do You Need a Job? Are you Talentless?

Oil Can Scotty is handing out high paying state jobs to incompetent people, based on what their daddy's contributed to his campaign.

Oh this is not big news, but I hereby advise every talentless, no experience, lacking formal education nobody to send Oil Can Scotty their resume and include a note that your daddy would have been happy to contribute to his campaign, if he'd had a job.

It is not much of a stretch of imagination that Oil Can Scotty would hand out jobs to talentless, inexperienced people, since he is one of them.  What makes me particularly annoyed is what these types of people will do in the departments they are hired to manage.  We already have seen what Oil Can Scotty can do as governor, none of it intelligent or showing vision.  I blame that lazy eye.  In fact, what Oil Can Scotty does is ugly, like himself.  He must really love to surround himself with ugly.  Makes him feel comfortable, I guess. 

I know a few people in my own family who could land wonderful jobs with the State of Wisconsin, because they were stupid enough to vote this yokel in, and even more unintelligent, they financially supported Oil Can Scotty's campaign.  My immediate family is mostly talentless, which makes them prime targets for the propaganda machine that is the Republican party.  Add their lack of education to the mix, and man, my sister could be running the Corrections Department.  She's kind of a Nazi, with a remarkable inability to feel anything but anger.  She'd be perfect.  I guess I'll drop it now, although I'd like to name a few other people in my family to cabinet posts for which they'd be perfectly suited.

I digress.

If you are out of work, please get your unremarkable resume to Oil Can Scotty as quickly as possible.  There is a job for you in the State of Wisconsin.  You only have to do a little ego stroking and palm greasing.

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