Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Nice Day In Wisconsin

Forgetting about how badly this State operates due to its lack of leadership, let's just concentrate on the beautiful spring day that finally arrived where I live.

I went outside and did battle with the autumn clematus and honeysuckle vines from last year.  It took over an hour to cut them back from the fence and the garage.  I actually worked up a sweat.  I haven't sweated except during the high fevers that I've suffered all winter.  The sun shining on my face, and me in a short sleeved t-shirt.  YUM.  I'm happy despite the fact I live in Wisconsin, Land of Wasted White Idiots.

Next, I squared off with the wild rose bush that grows prolifically next to my back door.  This is a beautiful, large bush that produces amazing white roses.  It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  It's beyond gorgeous, but it is deadly with its thorns and it would take over my backyard left to its own devices.  Everytime I go to trim it -- ah, that's too nice -- everytime I whack the crap out of it, it sinks its thorns deep into my skin leaving many bloody wounds and battle scars.  I have to say, it usually wins all of our fights.  But its so beautiful, I can't even complain.  Usually, when I walk out the back door (it grows over the door), it drops lovely white roses on my head, crowning me, and making me look like a damn idiot at the grocery store.

It was a real bad winter here in Wisconsinland, but my arbor vitae trees grew about two feet, so at least something appreciated all the snow and cold.  The magnolia is full of buds and the apple tree is going to be its usual white wonderland.  Everything is coming up, and hopefully one of the lilac bushes that looked sickly last year will benefit from the massive digging out of ground cover I did in the fall.  Its a beautiful, warm spring day. One can almost forget that she lives in a ridiculous state that's been turned into a political circus by the rabid right. 

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