Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's Really Happening with the Supreme Court Justice Election

So, Prosser turns up the winning margin of votes in the ever suckful Waukesha County.  He agrees to a recount.  In the ever suckful Waukesha County.

My point is, anyone aligned with Oil Can Scotty Walker would not have had such a huge turn out of supporters state-wide.  Not in Wisconsin.  Not in the current political climate.  Originally, Prosser only lost by a few hundred votes.  NOT BLOODY LIKELY that he came dangerously close to winning the state.

Is this a ploy?  Is the Waukesha vote discrepancy merely a smoke screen to cover up voting irregularities in other counties?  Is the reason Prosser agreed to a recount in the ever suckful Waukesha County because he wants to avoid anyone taking a close look at other counties.

Wisconsin citizens need to demand that this whole election be tossed out on its crooked arse unless the recount is state-wide.  There just is no believable way that Prosser, who sent out one of the most prejudicial, biased flyers I've ever seen, could win this state.  No intelligent person wants a racist, anti-woman jerk like him sitting in judgment of anyone. Waukesha is merely a smoke screen.  There's something rotten in Denmark.  And Bayfield.  And Sheboygan Falls.  And Florence.  And Lac du Flambeau.  Ad infinitum.

Let's not let this horse's arse ascend to a position of power; he's a fraud.  So is this election.


Jane said...

I agree; numbers seem fishy, and a statewide examination of this election seems in order. But to whom should I address a demand?

Citizen X said...

The recount process in the State of Wisconsin is concisely explained at: