Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Charlie Manson Agrees With Me - What About the Rest of You Serial Killers?

Yesterday, I wrote a post about global warming.  Yesterday, Charlie Manson broke a twenty year silence and came out with the fact that global warming is the biggest threat to our planet.  So Charlie Manson agrees with me.  Is he reading my blog?????  Well, I welcome readers of every......uh....aberration.

For you young pups who don't know who Charlie Manson is, he was one of the most delusional serial killer masterminds in Southern California, murdering celebrities and other more common folk back in the late 1960's.  For a really good chronological event of poor Charlie Manson and his rag tag family, i.e., band of murderers who followed him, read Vincent Bugliosi's "Helter Skelter".  Mr. Bugliosi was the Los Angeles County Prosecutor and wrote a book about the Manson Family after multiple trials.  It's an excellent read, I highly recommend it, on many levels, but most importantly, what happens to a generation of young people with no voice.

Anyhow, what about the real serial killers who are killing thousands? 

The BP oil executives, or for that matter, any energy company executive.

The Koch Brothers with their varied interests in making a buck while destroying the planet.

Donald Trump.  Adequately named.  He has a trumped up view of himself.  His accomplishments are basically nothing to brag about, unless you call charging $500 for a mediocre hotel room an accomplishment.  Of course, Donald Trump has to depend on other idiots like himself to fill those hotel rooms.  There must be a lot of them.  And he's a birther.  What a horse's patoot.  Even looks like one with that fake horse hair comb over.

The 1% of the ultra wealthy who actually ruin this planet (ruin, not run, I said)  in the name of getting richer, are the real serial killers we need to be concerned with.  But they don't ever go to jail.  They don't ever get questioned.  As if having money automatically infers intelligence.  As if they are above the law.  Well, if money keeps you above the law.......than the laws should change.

As I said yesterday, how does an extinct species spend any money?  Pretty impossible.

But these are the real serial killers, these so-called Captains of Industry.  We're all on the Good Ship Lolly Titanic and we're going down.  The iceberg we've hit is called greed. 

I think Charlie Manson would, again, agree with me:

It is No Measure of Mental Health to be Well Adjusted to a Society that is Profoundly Sick.


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