Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3,000 Pounds of Trouble for Oil Can Scotty

As Scott Walker speaks to the camera about his confidence that the citizens of Wisconsin will look at his record as "doing what he said he would do", the democrats turned in over 1,000,000 signatures on recall petitions today; the signed petitions weighing over 3,000 pounds.

I guess Scott Walker failed to remember that he did what he didn't say he'd do, i.e., destroy public employee unions. 

I guess Scott Walker thinks we all have very short memories and we'll conveniently forget all the damage he has done, all the shady maneuverings of his administration, and all the legislation he has proposed that is now winding its way through the courts because it is, after all, illegal.

Citizens, don't forget that Scott Walker is nothing more than an absolute liar.  We don't need nor do we want a lying S.O.B. as the head of the State of Wisconsin.  We can't afford to have an air head legislating our State into bankruptcy.  And that is sure to come unless we recall Walker NOW!  Looks like it's going to happen.  Oh Happy Day!

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