Thursday, January 26, 2012

There Was a Crooked Man, Who Walked a Crooked Mile

Walker staffers are falling by the wayside.  Indictments and formal charges have been filed.  Scott Walker and his underlings ran his campaign on the Milwaukee County taxpayers dime.  This, from a man who said he was going to cut out government wasteful spending.  He failed to add, "except where it will benefit me".

And Marquette University published a poll that states a majority of people think Scott Walker is doing a good job and will probably win the recall election.  HUH?  On what planet.  Oh yeah, I forget.  The catholic church (and their schools) is an entity onto itself, and what else would one expect from Our Father of Perpetual Molestation?  MU ought to be ashamed.  I'll bet not one person was polled outside Waukesha or Ozaukee counties, where all the big bucks tend to congregate.  Talk about losing credibility.  Me thinks the pollsters have been imbibing in the communal wine a little too heavily.  Or they're eating blotter hosts.  Whatever ......anyone foolish enough to take a roman catholic seriously is, well, spiritually challenged.  What next, an honorary MU degree for Walker.  No doubt in social work.  Let's hope we don't find him doling out food stamps anytime soon.  Poor people are skinny enough.

Where's Walker's indictment?  Surely setting up a secret communications network is evidence that the man is a crook.  That's the nicest thing Walker's been called.  It's nice to see him up to his ass in alligators. 

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