Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pin Head Ideology

Scott Walker returning federal funds that would benefit health care for indigent folks.  Can Wisconsin afford this?

Mike Gableman refusing to recuse himself from cases where it's proven he has personal interests.  Can Wisconsin afford such a horse's arse on the Supreme Court?

Just two classic examples of ideology gone wrong.  Why do we have to suffer because of the blatantly unthought out and lacking in compassion views of a few clowns who managed to get themselves into positions of power?  Answer --- because of the wild beliefs of a few people who don't have a clue to whom or what they're voting for.  Voting is a right.  Too bad it can't be tied to basic intelligence.  Oh.  Voting is now ONLY a right in Wisconsin if you have an I.D. card.  Because, you know, there were about a dozen people who committed voter fraud in the last election.  Repress the rights of millions, right?  Wrong.  But this is just more proof of the wrongness of Scott Walker's administration.

Suppose we gave a rally, and no one showed up, especially the rally planned today for Scott Walker in Hart Park today.  They expect 1,000 supporters, but Walker won't be there.  Those 1,000 supporters can't hold a candle to the 1.9 million recall petitioner signers, but I guess the fools will show up anyway.   This explains that the rich don't have enough imagination to do something fun on a cold, winter weekend in Wisconsin.  I suggest they stay home and count their money.  Personally, why anyone would show up to a pro-Walker rally is amazing to me.  Certainly, their faces will be on the television news tonight.  Would you want to be lumped together in a crowd of STUPIDS?  Save face, stay home.

And let's talk about the illegal redistricting maps drawn by republicans that would give unfair advantage to them in future elections.  Walker's administration teeters on the totally illegal.  The other side of that is the totally dumb.  More legislation that's ending up in the courts.  This is Walker's legacy. 

And on a local level, the County Sheriff being sued by the County Executive.  Anarchy now.  Throw everyone out.  Have a government based on the jury duty protocol --- get a notice, serve four or six years.  Get your a$$ out.  Career politicians are a bane to our society.  They ultimately turn into career a$$holes.


astone said...

I am starting to believe that the Republicans are Aliens( the extra-terrestrial type). What else could explain them!

Citizen X said...

Hmmmm. Maybe. I always thought that aliens would have superior intelligence, in which case, no republican could make that claim.