Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ex-Walker Aide Tim Russel Fired From State Job in 1993

Oh ho ho, more telling evidence that Scott Walker is a Walking Moron.

Tim Russell, a close crony of our unillustrious governor, was fired from a job in 1993 for "gross misconduct", according to his personnel records.  He stole some money, improperly billing for hotel stays (no doubt under the guise of state business).

So Walker gives him a job.  Obviously, Scott Walker doesn't know jack $hit about reference checking and qualifications.  But we all knew that, based on who got high paying cabinet positions in his administration.  Incompetents, crooks, and anybody who would say he was King Walker Scotty God. 

So how do all you Walker backers feel about having a Clown College instead of a state?  With your big red noses and inability to walk a straight line while wearing your clown shoes, you all must be drunker than the Mayor of Burbank.

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