Thursday, January 5, 2012

We Are All Wondering

We are all wondering about the John Doe investigation currently being conducted here in Milwaukee.  Most of us, that is to say, most reasonable people, believe the investigation will ultimately lead to indictments.  But for whom?

Personally, Scott Walker has always seemed a little oily to me.  Despite his protestations to the contrary and his uncanny ability to put forth the republican poster boy image he's been groomed to present his entire political life, there is a stench about Scott Walker and his administration that cannot be denied.  I smell pig.

I have watched Scott Walker trash the state I was born in.  I have watched him trash the lives of simple, working class people.  I have seen him lie, unabashedly in every television spot bought and paid for by millionaires, and millionaire funded radical right groups.  I have watched the propaganda that Scott Walker and his supporters have put forth in an effort to mask their shortcomings in an ability to govern in a democracy.  Govern?  These guys don't have a clue about democracy, but they are our leaders.  We're in big trouble, folks.  What I didn't realize until now is that Scott Walker is not interested at all in preserving the democracy that this country was founded on.  He's bent on destroying it.  That makes him a fraud, a crook, a a fascist and a traitor.  But he wraps it all up nicely in God and flag, doesn't he? 

I'm sick of seeing Scott Walker's face ANYWHERE.  In fact, the only place I'll ever be happy to see his face is on a mug shot.  Let's hope it's coming.  I think it is.

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