Friday, January 20, 2012


Scott Walker's rather stupid and increasingly annoying face appears on local television too much these days, touting how he's done well in bringing jobs to Wisconsin.  Question is.  What jobs?

Wisconsin's jobs have declined for the 6th month in a row.  Excuse me?  Where does Walker find the unmitigated gall to so bold faced lie, continuously.  Lies, spoken frequently and often enough, become truth to those who are too ignorant to research a fact.  Face it, if a person believes everything a politician says, well, they should apply for social security disability because they are either mentally defective or utterly senile.  Or just plain stupid.  That pretty much sums up Walker supporters.

Oh, wait.  I get it.  Scott Walker must be talking about the jobs he's created for his cronies.  Like Dennis Smith, who wouldn't know a good health or human service if it bit him in his a$$.  Or the job that went to a person with virtually no experience as a county clerk in northern Wisconsin.  Oh, Scott Walker is talking about jobs into which he placed his (ever dwindling supply of) cronies. 

Granted, we're in a deep recession here in Amerika, but even the country is faring far better than the state of Wisconsin.  Only one explanation.  We've got an idiot at the helm.  Wisconsin is the Titanic, no, worse; the Costa Whatsit that slammed into a reef off Italy.  That captain was intent on blowing his big horn, too. 

I am dismayed that the people in Wisconsin, some of them my neighbors no doubt, have aligned themselves with such a complete and utter moron.  Scott Walker is leading us into economic, environmental and educational hell.  I literally have to put my hands on my head to keep it from exploding every single time I see a Walker television ad.  With all the bad electricity running around Walker's skull, we can only hope he'll suffer spontaneous human combustion soon and literally become what he is figuratively, a pile of charred a$$h.

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