Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scott Walker's Rally a Large Bust

Even the news media wouldn't say how many people showed up to support Scott Walker at his rally in Hart Park yesterday.  They referred to it as a "large crowd".  I assume that means quite a few hundred less than the thousand people they were hoping for.

Of course, those of us who are determined to oust this wretched bastard from the governor's mansion, showed up too. 

It's never fun to be in the minority.  Never.  But you have to admire the people who did show up at the rally.  I certainly wouldn't want to be associated with that much stupidity. 

Walker didn't show up himself.  That, somehow, is a telling fact.  Don't tell me he was busy.  Walker is never busy, he doesn't have the mind for it.  He was embarrassed, as well he should be.  Maybe he's just a little bit afraid too.  So he sends his wife.  What a coward.

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