Monday, January 30, 2012

Random Thoughts on Republican Whiners

Here are just a few of my observations on current Wisconsin media coverage.

An elderly woman complaining that the recall means her vote for Scott Walker doesn't count for anything. She is of the firm belief that a recall election cancels her vote, and therefore the democratic process.  Here's my thought.  Recall is part of the democratic process.  It hasn't been used much in gubernatorial cases, Walker will only be the third governor involved in a recall in the history of the United States.  But thank God we have recall as an option or we'd have three more years of a complete idiot driving the leaky boat known as Wisconsin.  Of course, we will sink long before the end of Walker's term, so, again, thank God for the recall process.  Part of democracy.  No wonder republicans don't understand it.  They have no grasp of democracy.

A bunch of right wing volunteers complaining that there are a whole slew of phony signatures and addresses on the recall petitions.  What they fail to mention is that many republicans went out and signed phony names and addresses on the petitions to cast doubt on the process.  Here's what republicans do understand:  dirty, underhanded, completely unfair practices.  Understand it.  Practice it.  And it will be very interesting to see just how many signatures are tossed at the end of the review.  But republicans wasting time is just standard operating procedure.  They're too stupid to accomplish anything.

The rest of the United States recovering, albeit very slowly, from the worst recession this country has ever faced.  Not Wisconsin.  We continue to top the list of jobs lost.  But there's Scott Walker, talking about all the jobs he created.  Where is he hiding those jobs he created?  Why can't we see them?  Is Scott Walker a magician?  Has he made all the jobs he created invisible?  Must be.  You have to find the secret, invisible door to apply for these jobs.  Good luck.

I'm so fed up.  I know a lot of my fellow Wisconsinites are just as fed up.  People who care about Scott Walker should encourage him to resign, because it can't be easy watching someone you care about make such a complete fool of himself, time and again.  Save this half a man from himself, somebody!  

Finally, Jeff Fitzgerald running for Herb Kohl's senate seat.  Jesus H. Christ.  Someone name me pope and throw some red smoke up the vatican chimney.  Because it's an adequate comparison.

I don't suffer fools gladly, never did, never will. 

And I will be relentless on those fools who masquerade as anything but what they actually are.

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