Monday, January 2, 2012

Things to Throw Out Along with your Christmas Tree

Having just tossed out my needle dropping, but still beautiful Christmas tree, I consciously made some choices of things I was going to throw out along with it, so I could really start the new year with a fresh living space and attitude.

The belief that anything material I get for myself will bring me any peace or happiness.

The worry that I just don't like a whole lot of people.  Frankly, a whole lot of people are simply unlikeable.
Don't worry about it.  But always be cordial.

I've tossed the idea that I can help people who absolutely refuse to help themselves.

The Welcome Doormat I've always walked around with in front of me.  You're welcome to share my life, but don't wipe your dirty feet on me, or you'll see my dark side.

The optimism I once had that we can all work together on this planet.  I need to replace that optimism with something more realistic, like social activism.

The grief I've carried around with me for far too long, for people, for events, for all the injustices everyone of us has endured since the dawn of time.  No more grief.  If I mourn anything, I mourn the times when there was nothing to grieve over.

Most importantly, I think we all need to throw out the apathy we feel about our lives and the people in them.  Apathy is our way of feeling comfortable when we're overwhelmed with demands placed on us.  Face it, everyone of us is overwhelmed.  The answer is to be overwhelmingly involved.  It's not debilitating, it's exhilarating.

Throw out your complacency while you're at it.  None of us should be complacent, no matter where we stand on the tree of life.  You can always do more.  Do better.  Give more of yourself.  There are great rewards for those who do.

Lastly, get rid of your fear, whatever your fear is.  Meet piles of trials with smiles.

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