Friday, January 27, 2012

I Know Nothing

This is the refrain from Scott Walker's theme song.  Which is why he's a terrible politician.  He truly does know nothing.  His head is crammed full of nothing. 

Unfortunately, someone had to be directing all the criminal activity that happened at the Milwaukee County Courthouse during Walker's tenure.  How long will Scott Walker continue to lie about things?  Is he burning up the phone lines at night, worrying about what might have come up in all the testimony of former staffers in the John Doe investigation? 

One thing is certain, a person engaged in secrecy and illegal maneuvering wouldn't have time to govern anything.  But we all knew Scott Walker wasn't up to governing tasks, so it comes as no surprise. 

He keeps referring to his honor given to him by his wonderful parents and having the rank of Eagle Scout bestowed on him.  Gees.  Daddy's a preacher and I'm an Eagle Scout, therefore, I am   ____________.  You fill it in. 

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