Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Liar, Lair, Pants on Fire -- or -- Scott Walker's Next Career - Spin Doctor

Who is John Doe?

Only the investigators know for sure.  Walker's spin -- he initiated the John Doe investigation, which is at best a total crock of horse$hit.  Mr. Walker first told the press he had no idea what or whom the John Doe investigation was targeting.  Now he's claiming to be responsible for starting it.  I believe Oil Can Scotty is starting to suffer loose stools on a regular basis.  Well, that's only fitting for such a flaming A$$hole.  And that bald spot, man, it's growin' by leaps and bounds.

Scott Walker and his cronies are trying to keep secret how they went about redrawing legislative district lines.  Well, that's GOP at its finest, cheat, lie, steal.  Their motto.  How can anyone in public office have any sort of credibility when their actions are cloaked in secrecy?

And, my rant for today involves another pillar of non-leadership, political hack, David A. Clarke, Milwaukee County Sheriff.  This guy is the poster boy for egomania.  Personally, he's about as dumb as they come.  Why would anyone want to pi$$ off all of those employees who have a legal mandate to carry firearms?  No mental giant there.  Sheriff Clarke couldn't lead a horse to water.  But he seems to be drinking an awful lot based on his insane policies, directives and staff harassment.  Another candidate for Yokel of the Year.

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