Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Can Anyone in Scott Walker's Administration Add or Subtract?

There is one truth about Scott Walker's Administration.  Their financial numbers all turn out to be wrong. 

This leads me to believe that everything coming out of Madison these days in the form of financial reporting is just more propaganda; a favorite ploy of the GOP, and an especial pet of Scott Walker.  Mr. Walker doesn't have to bother understanding the taxpayer dollar or the state budget, because it's all just a whole lot of stinkin' crap.  With enough spin, horse$hit becomes a budgetary deficit.  With enough repetition, lies become truth.

It is very important that the citizens of Wisconsin understand that Mr. Walker is incapable of analyzing complex financial data, or arriving at reasonable budgetary solutions.  What Mr. Walker is capable of is putting his hands and feet in the puppet strings of the oligarchy taking over this country.

We'd better beware of Mr. Walker, and any politician like him; that is so say, most of the GOP.  We had better find a way to slap these people back if we can't rid our government of their presence.  We'd better start thinking in terms of fighting a much bigger fight than simply recalling Scott Walker.

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