Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bye Bye Perry!

Thankfully, Rick Perry has bowed out of the race for the republican nomination.   I've never liked Texas.  They like things big down there.  Big steaks.  Big ranches.  Big Oil.  Big Blonde Bimbos.  Big is Texas' catch word.  But bad things come in big, too.  Boy, they grow some bad big boys down there.  People who seem to have traded intelligence for size.  I guess I've never seen much good come out of Texas.  I always thought we should give it back to Mexico, or turn it over to the Palestinians.  At any rate, Rick Perry is one big bozo who would have made a terrible president.  Good riddance. 

So we've got Mitt.  Big, rich Mitt.  Yeah.  Right.  Another millionaire in the White House, pretending to represent the common man. 

Newt.  Gees.  This guys moral compass broke a long, long time ago.  And he's an over eater and an over indulger.

Santorum belongs in a sanitarium.  He needs treatments for his aversion to all things humanoid.

Ron Paul.  Out of touch with 21st century problems.

These are the candidates.  The republicans have a whole lot more to worry about than successfully challenging Obama.  It has become the party of doofusses, there's no doubt about it.  Can anyone in the world take America seriously?  I live here, and I can't, based on this roster.

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