Friday, March 25, 2011

David Prosser ---- SO WRONG

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Here's an interesting tidbit from the past.

...."David Prosser, as District Attorney for Outagamie County, conspired with high church officials to cover up for John Feeney, a predatory priest who was raping young boys.  Prosser was never charged or prosecuted and, in fact, the Republican Party made sure he was rising through their hierarchy until he wound up on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Prosser still defends his actions....."

Pretty Scary.  The guy hates women for having abortions, or even for using contraceptives, or even for disagreeing with him (YO - HE MEANS YOU BITCH!  GET YOUR ASS BACK TO THE MATERNITY WARD)  Yet he vehemently defends a priest who rapes children and his own actions in having the priest moved to another parish, where more rapes occurred.  Interesting.  Sounds like devil worship to me.  But then, you all know how I feel about the debacle that is the catholic church.  And now, the debacle that is David Prosser. 

I recently got a glossy vote-for-me flyer from David Prosser.  It glaringly revealed all of his prejudices against women and children.  I was so outraged by it, I immediately set it on fire.  Under my voodoo doll.  In all honesty, I hope the other good citizens of this state who received the flyer were equally outraged at Mr. Prosser's "qualifications" to retain his seat on the Supreme Court.  Better polish off your resume, Mr. Prosser.  You're going to be the the bitch in this election.

Please go to Down with Tyranny and read the complete blog.  Or just trust me when I tell you, David Prosser is about as fit to be a Supreme Court Justice as Scott Walker is to be a Governor.  But I guess some of you are just determined to see Wisconsin keep spiraling downwards.  Money seems to cause insanity.  Maybe we can do Chapter 51 commitments on the top wage earners in the State.  Afterall, look at billionaire Samuel Curtis Johnson, and his current criminal charges.  Are you people all nuts?  Sure seems like it.  But, more important, where do the Scott Walkers and the David Prossers of the world get it in their vacuum like heads that sexually abusing a child is okay?  Because THAT SEEMS TO BE WHAT THEY BELIEVE

I have just one question.  Does Scott Walker have to wipe his bald spot several times a day because of the $hit leaking out of his brains?

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