Monday, March 14, 2011

Erlaichda -- Spring is in the Air

With all the political chaos, bad weather, ignorant republican rhetoric and natural disasters happening, it is easy to fall into a permanent blue funk.....and I'm there. 

So, I decided to write, today, about nicer things, happier things, moments of joy rather than despair.

The sun is shining and its forty degrees outside.  That may not seem like much, but it is everything to me today.  It might not be officially spring, but the sounds and sights of that wonderful season are close.

My husband and I go to Chicago every year, not to celebrate Easter, because we are not Christians, but to celebrate the pure joy of going to a large, functional city.  Milwaukee seems to be evolving into the next Detroit, an urban wasteland of broken lives.  But I digress.  This is going to be a happy blog.

At any rate, we stay at a five star hotel, we eat in amazing restaurants, we shop for large quantities of Belgian chocolate and we buy little things for each other.  We generally go to the theatre and, in short, pamper the hell out of ourselves.

I urge all Wisconsinites to take a moment and forget, just for a moment, the Oil Can Scottys of the world, the tragedies of earthquakes and tsunamis, the horror of the ultra-rich and their ulta-ugly presence in an increasingly psychotic world that create:  the oil billionaires destroying the environment, the fast food billionaries destroying our health, the pharmaceutical billionaires killing us with drugs, the retail billionaires abusing human rights.

Just feel the sun.  And smell the air.  The winds of change are starting to blow.

Forget about your bad relationships, your unhappy families, your disengaged children.  Forget about all of it.  Let someone else do the worrying for a change .... maybe the cosmic force that constantly flows can take over for awhile and give you a break.

The end of the bleakest winter in my memory is close at hand, and I will not imprison myself by living in the remembrance of its relative proximity to my now.  Today, I will live now.  I will be happy for the sun.  I won't fret about the mud the dog tracks in.  I won't feel annoyed by all the cat hair I just vacuumed.  I will rejoice in the love my pets have for me.  If only people could love as unconditionally as animals do.  If only people could stop obsessing over every detail of the mundane. 

If I was a super-hero, and my super-power was to give you exactly what you need, do you honestly think you could tell me what you'd find in your cupboard?  Ponder that.  Spring is coming.  The winter of our discontent is almost over.  What would make your life perfect?

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