Monday, March 21, 2011

Is Scott Walker a Misogynist?

In Walker's budget plan, women seem to be the biggest losers.

Of course, he believes that access to contraception leads to abortions.  (Huh?  I know, I know.  But this is what right-to-lifers believe and why they continually attack Planned Parenthood.)

Stripping collective bargaining rights from teachers, nurses, and clerical workers, traditionally women-filled professions, further attacks the gender.

Walker, and Walker supporters, seem to hate women.  I would say that is a fair and honest assessment based on the politics du jour. 

If you look at Walker's history, he married a woman eleven years his senior.  Walker didn't want a wife, he wanted to perpetuate the mommy relationship.  This man is pathologically obsessed with never dealing on an even field with the female of the species.  Since Alberta Darling could not physically grow a penis, she had to plot against the working class and vote like she had one.  So for her and her ridiculous selling out behavior, let's all chip in and buy Alberta Darling a sex change operation complete with a teeny tiny wienie.  She so obviously wants to become half a man, like Walker.

I hope all of the young college aged women, working women, and single mothers, pay close attention to Walker and people who support him.  Because they are anti-you.  Take back your country and let me hear your voice!  Vote in the next election!  And promise never to be apathetic about what goes on around you, no matter how hard school is, what finals are coming, how you'll pay the rent or how you'll care for your sick child and go to work at the same time.  Pay attention and take action.  It's the best way to protect yourself from people who would see you permanently restrained.  Scott Walker wants to tie you up.  That's pretty kinky and also sado-masochistic!  Fight back.

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