Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is There Anything Sacred to Scott Walker?

Oil Can Scotty has weakened the state's recycling program in his current budget.  This is a very stupid idea.  Even the rabid right can certainly see the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.  Well, one would think so.

I live in Milwaukee.  No one has been around to pick up my recycling in almost six weeks.  My alley is starting to show the effects.  There are bags of cans, plastic, glass and newspaper starting to pile up.  I can only assume that the houses where this is not the case have begun to co-mingle recyclables with the rest of the trash.  That's unfortunate and very bad for the environment.

At any rate, I sent a letter to the Department of Sanitation complaining about the situation, and just a few days ago, received a notice of the new recycling pick-up schedule.  It's only going to happen once every three weeks, but it will happen.  Thank you, Mayor Tom Barrett, for addressing this important issue, and finding a solution that is probably going to be very costly to Milwaukeeans, but the cost to the environment would be far greater.  Tom Barrett has vision.  Scott Walker has a garbage dump for a brain.

I hereby suggest that if the recyclables are building up in your neighborhood, you cart them over to Maple Grove and deposit them on Scott Walker's lawn.  When that place fills up, let's use the capitol grounds.  I know it's extreme, but this is an extremely important issue and should be addressed.  Tea Baggers and the Rabid Right keep taking us backward.  It's time for extreme measures to insure we keep moving forward.

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