Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paula Lucey Named Behavior Health Director

It is rare for Milwaukee County to approach a person retired from county service and persuade that person to come out of retirement and work for the county again.  But in the case of Paula Lucey being named as the Director of Behavioral Health, I have to applaud the foresight and wisdom of that choice.  I guess it doesn't really matter who made the decision to offer the job to Ms. Lucey, it is just so fortuitous that someone did and she accepted. 

Ms. Lucey was probably one of the best administrators Milwaukee County ever employed when she ran the Department of Human Services.  She is reasonable, no-nonsense and intelligent.  Those qualities were never appreciated much by Milwaukee County's bureaucracy, but since the exit of Scott Walker, there seems to be a reversal of brain trust, and those qualities are once more revered.  Poor Madison.  The $hit seems to have moved west.

Anyhow, I don't expect I'll have to report on any top level mismanagement, rapes of the developmentally disabled resulting in pregnancies, or other such criminal acts as happened during Scott Walker and John Chianelli's debacle leadership of that institution.  Not that Ms. Lucey won't be faced with challenges, since current thought is that its the mentally ill's fault that they are compromised, and why should we (republicans) pay for treatment.

I caution Ms. Lucey, however, to know who she is dealing with.  It's a real fine line out there between some staff and the sickest patients.  But she's a smarty pants!  Hurray for her.

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