Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lying, Cheating, End-Running Oil Can Scotty

I don't believe what the republicans did was legal and I do believe the actions that happened today in Madison with Governor Oil Can Scotty pimping his way to a perceived "victory" on his budget repair bill will be challenged.

Meanwhile, I lament, no, I weep, at the idiocy taking over this country and I am embarrassed beyond belief that it happened in Wisconsin.

This man and this movement must be stopped.  Pure and simple.  Whatever the cost.

I am seeing that we are in a class war, the majority of the United States Population versus the 500 richest people in America.  The Forbes War.  Unfortunately, war is ugly.  But what is uglier is the collective face of these greedy bastards. 

Karl Marx was right.  Capitalism has the seed of its own destruction inherently built in, and that is greed.   The richest people in this country have been consumed by greed.  Now, let them be destroyed by it.

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