Thursday, March 31, 2011


I got a letter yesterday, offering me the chance to interview for sort of a dream job (in my opinion).  I'm debating on answering it.  Truth is, I need a new car, well, not really need.  It's more that I want a new car.  I have a tendency to drive my cars to death.  Mine is hardly near death, but I'm sick of it and my niece needs a car, so I'll give her the old one.  See, it's real important for people to do nice things for people who are struggling.  This viewpoint keeps me out of the catagory of greedy bitch; something I am so determined to retain. 

The trouble is, I actually have a dream job now.  I hardly ever have to go to work.  That's REAL cool.  When I do go to work, I'm never under any stress.  My job is not difficult.  Selling jewelry to women is kind of a no brainer.  Selling it to men is simple, too, depending on where they are on the guilt scale or deadline (and they always shop the same day of the big event).  Anyhow, I punch in for my 3 hour, or 5 hour shift twice a week, talk to really nice people who appreciate conversation more than they actually enjoy the shopping, and earn some nice commission.  When I punch out, I go home and never ever give the place a second thought.  This is a dream job.  Hardly there.  Not difficult.  No stress.  Earn enough money to keep me in the fun light.

But, the truth is, I did not have a good winter.  I had a miserable winter.  I was stuck in the house too much, my husband is still working almost full time, you can only paint, redecorate, read, write, etc. so much.  I dread another winter like the one just hanging on still. 

And the dream job.  I'm well-read.  The job is in a library.  I've always loved libraries --- the quiet, the smell of old books, the architecture itself is so perfect and conducive to peacefulness.  I've convinced myself.  I'm going to call for the interview.

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