Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sniff Sniff --- The Stench of Republican Desperation is in the Air!

Oil Can Scotty, in a desperate attempt to retain credibility with a handful of rich people who wouldn't know credible from edible, has again attempted an end run to make his union busting law, well, lawful.


Scott Walker knows he hasn't got a brain in his bald little head, but he does depend on people more blessed in the intelligence department to find methods to allow him to get his way.  Whether or not those methods are legal doesn't hold any weight with Scott Walker.  He is, afterall, King Walker Scotty God.

Lesson One to Republicans.  Don't circumvent the Justice System. 

Lesson Two to Republicans.  Why is it so important to publish Oil Can Scotty's ridiculous budget repair bill right now?  Did someone promise Scott Walker something to get this accomplished in a certain amount of time?  What's the prize?

Lesson Three to Republicans.  Oil Can Scotty is the Governor.  He is not the Supreme Dictator.  The laws actually do apply to the governor too.  If they didn't, we'd have seen Scott Walker outside the Capitol by now, shooting at protesters. 

The lengths to which Scott Walker is going to pass this absolutely unfair, undemocratic legislation, is suspect at best, and criminal, probably.  Let's scrutinize Scott Walker and his connections to the ultra-wealthy.  I know it's boring - the man is so without color and animation, it's hard not to fall asleep.  Maybe that's what he's counting on.  Nevertheless, let's put Scott Walker under the microscope of a thorough investigation.  There is more than ideology going on here.  But what?

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