Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Got a love a saint who drives the snakes out.  Wish we could get a modern day version to drive the republican and tea party snakes back to the decaying holes they crawled out of.

Anyhow --- forget about the problems here in Wisconsin today.  Go out and have a cocktail and put on a happy Irish smile.  Eat a potato.  Eat some cabbage.  Eat some corned beef.  I won't advise you to drink green beer, it looks truly awful, and with the republicans in charge long enough, you'll be drinking water the exact same color soon enough. 

Tomorrow, there will be a court hearing in Madison addressing Oil Can Scotty's underhanded maneuvers to get his budget repair bill signed, which should really be called the let's screw everyone and gratify the rich bill.  Seriously, I don't think Oil Can Scotty is having regular sex these days.   But its the irregular sex that he's having that  frightens me.

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