Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scott Walker - The Loser

As I always suspected would happen, Scott Walker's budget repair bill is now stopped dead in its tracks by the Wisconsin judicial system.

Scott Walker and his followers are screaming about the inadequacies of the judicial system, and basically doing what bullies always do when someone actually fights back ---- whining and crying like the true wimps they are.  Point is, they have figured out that even they, in their rabid  righteousness and propaganda spouting vehemence, can't commit criminal acts.

The point is, these yokels tried to pass a law that was unfair, and they did it by pulling every undemocratic trick in the book. 

As thoughtful citizens of Wisconsin, we should remember how unprofessionally these so-called politicians behaved.  Please remember it.  Please vote in local elections.  Please do not stay in your house and expect someone else to stand up for your rights while you do nothing.  Please sign recall petitions for every Scott Walker supporter, as well as for Mr. Walker, himself. 

Let's take back this country.  One State at a Time.  One Law at a Time.  One Crooked Politician at a Time.

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