Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Real Results of the Election of Scott Walker

I don't believe anyone in Wisconsin expected the gubernatorial election to wind up with Wisconsin in a state of chaos, and actions by Scott Walker already in court for questionable legality.

I don't believe anyone in Wisconsin expected that Wisconsin would be a proving ground for tea party politics and rabid right rhetoric becoming dictatorial law.

I don't believe anyone in Wisconsin is happy about the state of the state right now, including job losses.  It does seem apparent that a savvy business would not dare to come to Wisconsin to set up shop because of the political climate, brought to you by the State's chief executive.

Scott Walker is a master of creating a political circus.  But he's no governor. 

I am so very sorry that an intelligent person like Tom Barrett failed to convince the voting public that he was the right choice for governor.  Because he was.  Which tells me the voting public here in Wisconsin has lost all semblance of reasonableness and sanity.  It's time for me to move on down the line.  Mexico makes more sense than Wisconsin these days.

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