Friday, March 11, 2011

The Forbes War

I've never been so disgusted to live in America as I am right now.  We have political hacks like Oil Can Scotty trampling over democracy to promote an agenda that only benefits the top 1% of people in this nation who are rich.  Hopefully, we can stop this man legally from doing any further damage, and we can reverse the damage he's already done.  Almost every move Oil Can Scotty makes ends up being reversed by the courts because he has no motivation or challenge to promote his agenda legally ---- it is always moved in underhanded, dirty politics methodology.

And where is Obama in this mess?  Why is the president missing in action while this horrendous assault on democracy is taking place in the heartland?  I'm disgusted with Obama and his "safe" political approach.  Yes We Can?  Change?  Hey Obama, NO WE CAN'T (fight the rich) AND THE CHANGE IS TO BENEFIT THE TOP 1% OF THE ULTRA-WEALTHY.  Get off your presidential ass and get involved.  You are MIA in this fight.  You are too busy trying to walk the political tight-rope of your own re-election.  Americans won't forget that.

This morning, a major earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, spawning a tsunami that devastated the Asian nation and is rapidly moving toward Hawaii and the western coastal states.  Same thing happened in the heartland --- the earthquake was Oil Can's Scotty hidden agenda, and the tsunami is drowning the working class.

Republicans are receiving death threats.  And still, they continue to abuse their powers.  Recall every republican in the State of Wisconsin.  Recall them and let them go work for the conservative think tanks that fund them.  I've had it.  The working class has had it.  What happens next is any one's guess, but I think it will be massively ugly.  Not unlike the souls of the Wisconsin republicans.

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